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Billet Scale Pad Levelers for 2 1/2" Pads - Set of 4

Billet Scale Pad Levelers for 2 1/2" Pads - Set of 4


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Sets up quickly and disassembles easily for convenient storage and transportation.

Rather than the traditional one-piece bulky roll-off, these units are modular. The actual scale pad Leveler is made from T6 billet aluminum with a full floor for the best rigidity and the most accurate setups possible. The optional roll-offs attach quickly to these Levelers via a simple clip-on bracket. All 4 Levelers & roll-offs set up in less than two minutes (plus leveling time). The Leveler has four swivel adjusting feet that pop in and out for convenience and easy storage. They're held in place with "Rare Earth" magnets. The roll-offs each have two more pop-out feet.

The advantage to this Modular Billet Leveler system is you have multiple options. Get just the Billet Levelers, 18" or 30" Roll-offs (roll-off area on most 1 piece roll-offs are 14" or less, often that's not enough), and even a special Roll-off for turn plates so you can set caster & camber at the same time. Roll-offs can also be bolted on solid if desired.

And this modular style system is much less bulky to store and transport. The roll-offs detach quickly and the adjusting feet pop out to leave a compact assembly that can be easily stored in the shop or in the trailer or pit wagon. One piece roll-off levelers are bulky to store and the feet need to be unscrewed (there are 24 of them!) so they stack properly. And you can't readily add on to them later as you needs change.

You can start with just the Levelers, then add roll-offs later. Or you can start with the entire system - Levelers, roll-offs and turn plate fixtures.

CNC machined T6 aluminum
4 pop-out swivel feet for convenient storage and easy setup
Wheel stops on leveler for safety
Full floor for best pad support and rigidity
Set of 4 levelers for 2 1/2" scale pads (pads not included)
Starting point to creating your own custom leveling fixture using our new modular roll-offs

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